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iltonians in Community Events (MICE) was formed in 2007 with the purpose of 
  • Bringing the village together in social activities - knowing neighbours.
  • Supporting the Parish Church
  • Creating support from all sections of our community to have a village hall - possibly within St Blaise Parish Church
AGM (open to all) 25th July 2018 7pm

MICE activities:      The Village Fete (Tadpole Feast) usually the last week in June
                               The Firework Display in November
                                Assisting the Duck Race in April

Other planned activities: Art/Music event 26th May 2018
                                        Craft Fair -November 2018

                                Fundraising for National Disasters eg. Haiti in 2010
                                Support for the St Blaise Church Community Space Project
                                Purchase of marquees for the fete