Work Update –  March 2017

Work started on Monday 20 February. The first phase of work was to remove the pews, excavate the floor to install under-floor heating and drainage, and then lay down a lime mortar screed ready for new stone slabs to be laid. The screed was laid on Tuesday 21 March in 'one go' and took a full 9 hours of non-stop work.

Prior to starting the work, a time-lapse camera was installed to record the works, and it took one frame every 30 mins for 29 days, giving a play-back video of about 55 seconds duration. The screed will take some weeks to dry, and so the camera was taken down to view the video. It will be replaced once interior works resume in a few weeks so record the second phase of work. Enjoy the video!

We have now raised £164,000 towards our total target of £192,000 - visit our fundraising page for more information!

The purpose of the Community Space Project is to change the interior layout of the church to create an open space with kitchen and toilet facilities for use by the wider community ("re-ordering" of the church). Proposed activities in the redesigned church include a craft fair, concerts, exercise classes, quizzes, a choir and a youth group.

In the Milton Parish Community Led Plan Questionnaire the village was asked for their views on re-ordering. 71% of respondents were in favour: you can see a complete breakdown of the responses on page 14 of the CLP Report.

Progress Report –  February 2017

Colin, Bishop of Dorchester will hold a short blessing of the project at 8.30am on 20th February 2017. He will also lead the service of Dedication of the space at a 11.00 on July 30th with lunch after.

Financial situation – We still have a shortfall, and it is urgent!

The cost of the project stands at approximately £172,000, while extra items (book cases, chairs, tables and white goods for kitchen) adds another £20,000, making £192,000 in total. So far we have received approximately £164,000.

Grant applications have gone in to National Churches Trust, who we should hear from in March. Applications will go into All Churches Trust, Garfield Weston, Gladiator, and Milton Trusts.

We are looking into whether MICE as a community group could apply for a grant through the Lottery Small grants scheme.

For more details of our fundraising efforts please visit our fundraising page!