A brief guide to the Parish Church of St Blaise, Milton

The Registers

The Registers date from 1654 and are held in archives in Reading and Oxford. The oldest volume states that in 1670 14/2 was “gathered for redeeming of Christians taken by Turkish Pyrates”; 18/4 was “gathered for the rebuilding of St Paul’s Church London” in 1678; 14/3 “for the poor Captives in Algier” in 1680; and in 1681, 10/- “for ye distressed Protestants w’ch are come from France for relief.”

In the volume containing Baptism entries from 1813 to 1882 there is the entry of the baptism of William Henry Walsh on 30th May, 1824. He later emigrated to Australia and became the speaker of the first Queensland Parliament.

In the volume containing Burial entries from 1813 to 1938 there is a marginal note referring to the first Church burial in the newly opened Public Cemetery on 7th October 1920.

There is a complete list of Rectors from 1325; the names of those before are not known.

The alms dish (not on display)

The church has in a bank vault an alms dish that bears the London Hall-mark of 1679. It was later engraved with Admiral Benbow’s coat of arms and given to the church to commemorate the royal visit to Milton of Peter the Great, Czar of Russia in 1697, to consult Admiral Benbow on naval matters.