A brief guide to the Parish Church of St Blaise, Milton

The Nave

The archway from the Nave into the Tower is 18th century.

The windows

Diamond shaped panes were replaced with the present rectangular ones in 1959. At the same time fragments of the 16th century Flemish glass (probably installed here by Flemish weavers of wool who came to Milton) were placed as medallions in these windows. The writing in the left-hand light of the middle window is 16th century Low German. A translation is:

May you be so blessed at all times that you will be truthful.
A wise person who lives with truth
Is too strong – too vigorous – for all his enemies;
He is superior to all his foes.”

This glass was, it says, “given by Katelijns; Soeyveert’s widow, at her wedding to Jan Sotteels in the year 1579.

The step

This step is unusual in a Nave. Originally it was the old Chancel step, but it ceased to be this when the church was enlarged eastwards.

The Pulpit

This was given in 1879 in memory of Archdeacon Clerke, Rector from 1836 to 1875. It was lowered and moved nearer the south wall and further forward on 1958. This cannot be the first time it was moved because an 1898 penny was found in the rubble that made the centre. This penny was replaced in the stonework together with a 1958 sixpence.